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University of Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation On-Campus Scholarships

Deadline : December 7, 2023

Applications are now open for the University of Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation On-Campus Scholarships. This Scholarship Program is hosted at the University of Edinburgh and aims to provide students from Africa with great academic and leadership potential but few educational opportunities postgraduate scholarships to help then reach their potential and realize their dreams.


How to Apply
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This year, the program has made available several on-campus scholarships to qualified students. These scholarships will cover the costs involved in studying a master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh which include coverage for the full tuition fees and expenses for accommodation and maintenance. Courses sponsored by this scholarship are listed below

  • MSc Africa and International Development
  • MSc Operational Research
  • MSc Planetary Health
  • MSc Data Inequality and Society
  • MSc Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • MSC Environment and Development
  • MSc Sustainable Energy Systems
  • MSc Food Security
  • MSc Climate Change Finance and Investment
  • MSc Environmental Sustainability

Along with the financial support, selected scholars will also participate in several activities as part of the wider Scholars Program at the University of Edinburgh. These will include work-based placements, mentorship, and other activities during the academic year.

The Climate Leadership Programme: Scholarship holders will also participate in an a Climate Leadership Programme that aims to enable them to make meaningful impact in the fight against the climate crisis. The Leadership course aims to empower these young potential leaders with the knowledge and skill to drive sustainable transition as a away of fighting climate changes


Below are the scholarship benefits

  • You will receive coverage for full tuition fees for the program of your choice at the University of Edinburgh
  • Successful applicants will also have their expenses for accommodation and maintenance covered.
  • Students will also receive coverage for costs involved in air travel from their home countries to the UK to start their studies.
  • The programme will also cover the necessities to attend the climate leadership programme for all students.
  • You will also receive support to purchase study materials needed to complete your course.
  • On top of financial support, you will participate in activities as part of the wider Scholars Program at the University of Edinburgh.


To apply, you must meet the following application criteria

  • You must have attained your undergraduate degree by December 7, 2023 and have all your transcripts and degree certificates ready.
  • Applicants must be a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan African country. In case you are residing outside of this region, it must be only for education reasons.
  • You are required to demonstrate a track record of leadership and service within your community and society
  • Applicants are able to present economic circumstances which show they lack financial means to pursue higher education in their home country or elsewhere
  • You must be interested in one of the eligible degree programmes that this program covers at the University of Edinburgh
  • Applicants must fulfil the conditions for admission to the degree programme of their choice set by the university
  • You should not have completed a postgraduate degree previously and should not be enrolled at a separate university while on scholarship
  • You must be 35 years old or younger by the at the time of commencement of your studies (September 2024)


Applicants are advised to apply for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program scholarship first. Up on recipient of approval for the scholarship, the program administration will support them to apply for admission to their degree programme of choice at the University of Edinburgh

Application requirements:

  • You will need your university degree certificate and final official transcript for consideration for the scholarship
  • English Language: All applicants who receive an offer will be tested by the University’s English Language Education (ELE) centre at no cost unless they already have a valid English language test. The ELE English test assesses applicants on reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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