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University College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarships 2020

Deadline : March 31, 2020 .  

UCD holds an annual competition for the Global Excellence Scholarship for non-EU students starting their UCD programme in the coming year.

Global Excellence Scholarships aim to attract outstanding candidates to UCD programmes and to encourage early application. Scholarship applications will be considered on academic merit paired with holistic review of their scholarship application.

The Global Excellence Scholarship is payable only toward the tuition fees of the successful candidate. An annual competition will be run to select a limited number of students per region. Successful applicants will be awarded either a 100% or a 50% tuition fee scholarship. The scholarship is only available to students entering a new programme at UCD. Students already completing a programme will not be considered for the Global Excellence Scholarship for that programme.


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  • An annual competition will be run to select a limited number of students per region. Successful applicants will be awarded either a 100% or a 50% tuition fee scholarship


  • Applicants may be citizens and/or resident of any countries outside the EU/EEA/ Swiss Confederation.
  •  Scholarships are only open to self-funding candidates who are classified as non-EU for tuition fee purposes.
  • Eligible programmes are limited to those that are undergraduate and graduate taught programmes, where the student must be based in Dublin and no part of the programme is awarded by another institution. All Clinical Programmes are ineligible for the Global Excellence Scholarship. A list of eligible programmes is provided in Eligible Programmes.
  • Applicants to the Global Excellence Scholarship will have already obtained one of the following statuses on an application for an eligible programme:
    • Offer
    • Conditional Offer
    • Accept
    • Conditional Accept
  • Applications for the Global Excellence Scholarship should be submitted in accordance with the instructions given in the Global Excellence Scholarship Application document.
  • The Global Excellence Scholarship cannot be combined with any other tuition scholarship.


To apply Click here

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For more information, visit Global Excellence Scholarships

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