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The Australia Awards Fellowships Programme in Australia

Deadline : November 7, 2023

Applications are now open for the Australian Awards Fellowships. The main aim of the Australia Awards Fellowships program is to support and strengthen effective partnerships between Australian organisations and overseas counterparts.

These fellowships are dedicated to future leaders and mid-career professionals from selected countries from Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Middle East, and Pacific. Eligible candidates are those individuals who will be in a position to advance priority development and foreign affairs issues on their return home.

The fellowship comprises of several activities that aim to provide high-quality training, exchange of expertise, skills and knowledge, and opportunities to enhance networks on issues of shared interest.

Australian Awards will offer up to $30,000 per Fellow to Australian organisations to host Fellows from selected eligible countries. Fellowships activities will be carried out both in Australia and offshore and the duration of the fellowships is between minimum 2 weeks and maximum 52 weeks. However, the the majority (over 70%) of the Fellowship must be conducted in Australia.

How it works? Australian organizations apply for funding to host and support several of professional development activities. Individual prospective fellows cannot apply on their own. Fellowship activities may including management and leadership training, peer-to-peer learning, policy dialogue, work attachments, specialised research, seminars and site visits, conference participation, a study tour as well as program meetings and visits. These fellowships can range from 2 weeks to 52 weeks.

What kind of Organizations can Participate? Australian organisations may include government institutions, business and non-government organisations which demonstrate links with partner organisations in participating countries.


If selected for the Australia Awards Fellowships, you will have the following benefits.

Hosting Australian organizations can request funds on behalf of fellows to help cater for their stay for the entire duration of the fellowship. Each fellow can be allocated up to AUD $34,500. The funds are intended to cover the following.

  • The funds are intended to cover costs for a return air travel ticket for fellows to travel to Australia and back.
  • Training costs for programmes and trainings offered during the fellowship period are also covered.
  • You will have full coverage for accommodation for the entire duration of the fellowship
  • Fellows will also receive a stipend to cover their daily living expenses
  • Your medical insurance costs when in Australia will also be covered by this funding.
  • Fellows with special needs will receive extra care to help them participate in the programme.


  • Australia Awards Fellowships target senior officials and mid-career professionals form eligible participating countries. [See full list here]
  • Suitable candidates are those who demonstrate the ability to advance priority development and foreign affairs issues on their return home.
  • All applicants must have be aged at least 18 years at the time of commencing the Fellowship
  • The program is strictly dedicated to international applicants from eligible countries, therefore Australian permanent residents or or those applying for permanent residency may not apply.
  • Applicants must not be current serving in the military
  • You must have been working in your country of residency in a field relevant to the Fellowship activities preceding the date of the proposed commencement of their Fellowship.
  • Applicants must demonstrate sufficient level of English language ability to be able to fully participate in the program.


Applications are submitted exclusively by Australian Organizations on behalf of potential fellows. Organizations must submit information including detailed Fellowship proposal and a full list of potential Fellows including reserve Fellows. They must also provide a detailed activity table and a detailed budget.

Organizations must also make sure that fellowship proposals address the following areas of interest:

  • Climate change and resilience (including green energy transition)
  • Gender equality and social inclusion
  • Health and health security
  • Digital economy (including cyber and critical technology engagement)
  • Maritime and the blue economy
  • Infrastructure and connectivity

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For more information, visit the official website here

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