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The 2020 Poland My First Choice scholarship programme in Poland

Deadline: June 15, 2020

Apply for the 2020 Poland My First Choice scholarship programme in Poland. The Poland My First Choice scholarship programme aims to encourage young talented people from the countries listed in the eligible list to pursue studies at the best Polish Higher education institutions.

The Poland My First Choice scholarship programme offers an opportunity for selected individuals to pursue full-time second-cycle (Masters) studies at public and private HEIs on all fields of study offered by institutions offering education at highest level.

The Programme provides the participants with an opportunity to study in Polish or in another language as applicants select HEIs and fields of study in which they want to enrol based on the educational offer of Polish higher education institutions and apply for the curriculum of their choice.


Successful applicants will benefit from a scholarship program consisting of the following benefits.

  • The opportunity to study in Polish and another language at universities located in Poland,
  • Exemption from tuition fees at public universities. In private universities, the conditions of education are determined by the university.
  • Monthly Scholarship of up to of PLN 2,000, paid during the statutory period of education in Poland


The scholarship offer is dedicated to citizens of the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Chile, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Uruguay, USA, Hungary, Italy, the United Kingdom and as well as to Chinese citizens residing in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you should make sure that you:

  • are not Polish citizens and have not applied for Polish citizenship;
  • obtained a diploma of completion of first-cycle studies in the country of origin or in Poland not earlier than in 2017 or at the time of submission of the application under the Program are studying in the last year of first-cycle studies;
  • are not second-cycle students in Poland at the time of submission of the application under the Program;
  • apply for admission to studies in the fields of studies conducted by units with category A and A+ obtained in the last parametric assessment, supervised by the minister responsible for higher education and science. 
  • Have command of Polish or English at a minimum B2 level. If an Applicant is not a citizen of a country in which English is the official language, his/her command of the language has to be confirmed by the document indicated in item 2.5. of these


To apply for the scholarship, you are advised to submit ypur application exclusively in electronic form
within the Agency’s ICT system, available via the provided website and submit the following documents in the process.

  1. Scan of the passport page displaying the Applicant’s personal data and confirming his/her citizenship;
  2. Outline of the planned master thesis containing the description of the topic and the concept of the thesis, research problem and research method;
  3. Scan of the first-cycle studies completion diploma together with the supplement (list of credited courses), obtained not earlier than in 2017;
  4. The Applicant’s statement that in the course of the call for proposals under the Program he/she is not a student of second-cycle studies in Poland;
  5. A scan of the document confirming command of Polish or English at a minimum B2 level, e.g. language certificate, certificate/diploma or other documents confirming completion of a secondary school/first-cycle studies with Polish or English as a language of instruction. 

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