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Apply for TED Fellows Program 2023 in Vancouver, Canada

Deadline : June 30, 2022

Apply for TED Fellows Program 2022 in Vancouver, Canada. Every year the TED Fellows program selects a new group of extraordinary, multidisciplinary individuals by open application. TED is looking for innovators on the rise in their respective fields with bold, original work. The selected group of TED Fellows are invited from around the world. Fellows come from every discipline and walk of life. Selected fellows are welcomed into the TED international community of remarkable thinkers and doers who have shown unusual accomplishment, exceptional courage, strength of character, and potential to create positive change in their respective fields.

The TED Fellowship program has the potential to catapult your career forward. By attending and speaking at the TED conference, you’ll be given a platform to share your work and ideas far and wide, and you’ll meet individuals who can help your career. As a Fellow, you’ll also join the powerful global network of TED Fellows – innovators who may be future collaborators. Fellows also have access to personal mentorship opportunities, public-relations guidance, speaker coaching and more.

The TED Fellows Program aims to recognize and encourage people at work on future-shaping ideas. This program therefore wishes to offer them tools in order to amplify the power of their vision. The program will also host an in-person TED conference in Vancouver, Canada, scheduled to take place from April 14-22, 2023.


Applicants selected for the TED fellows program will be offered the following benefits

  • TED covers the costs of transportation from your home country to the TED conference in Canada.
  • The program will also cover any visa costs involved in preparing for your travel to Canada.
  • The fellows accommodations and food while at the conference as well as conference registration will also be covered by the program.
  • Fellows get career coaching and speaker training as well as mentorship and public relations guidance.
  • TED fellows also give a talk at a TED Conference, a huge opportunity to share their work with a wide, new audience.


To apply for the TED fellows program, you must meet the following conditions

  • Eligible TED Fellows are invited from around the world.
  • TED invites a number of different applicants than many other leadership-oriented programs. Instead of business people, professionals, policy wonks and government officials, the TED Fellows program focuses on doers, makers, inventors, advocates, filmmakers and photographers, musicians and artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, NGO heads, and human rights activists.
  • Along with an impressive accomplishment, the program also considers a fine character and a good heart
  • To apply for the fellows program, you must be 18 years or older by the time of application
  • English proficiency is a requirement but native English speakers may not require proof of their proficiency 


Applicants for the TED Fellows program are advised to submit their applications online, using the online application portal. The deadline for application is June 30, 2022. When completing your application, you should showcase your work, demonstrating the uniqueness of your work and the impact it has.

As part of your application, you will be required to provide names and contact details of referees who could recommend you for the fellows program. Make sure to notify your references before listing them on your application.

Applicants who applied in the past but were never selected are also strongly encouraged to apply again.

To apply, Click here

For more information, visit the official website here

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