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2020 Green Chemistry for Life research grants for young scientists

Deadline : January 31, 2021

Apply for the 2020 Green Chemistry for Life research grants for young scientists. Research in green chemistry and allied areas in biochemistry, geochemistry, biotechnology, ecology and healthcare presents an opportunity to young scientists to demonstrate their inventiveness and add their contributions to sustainable development.

The Green Chemistry for Life Project was launched in 2013 by UNESCO’s International Basic Sciences Programme (IBSP) and PhosAgro, the largest producer of phosphate-based fertilizer in Europe, in close cooperation with the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). The program therefore calls for applications from interests eligible applicants for the following Two programmes

The Green Chemistry research grants for young scientists

This grant programme is aimed at young scientists that respect the 12 principles of green chemistry who have the ability to promote the implementation of innovative research projects in green chemistry. Young scientists who posses a PhD degree or its equivalent in chemistry or its allied areas are invited to to submit their applications for consideration

The Green Chemistry special grants for research projects on phosphogypsum

This is a special call for applications opened by PhosAgro, UNESCO and IUPAC in response to societal and environmental needs. The special grant is dedicated and will be awarded to a project in green chemistry, by a young scientists, focusing on innovations in the processing and utilization of phosphogypsum, a mineral technogenic waste material produced in great quantities.

  • Each grant will be up to US$30,000 and should be awarded for research to be be completed in one year
  • The funds provided for each research grant may only be used for activities that enable promising research in green chemistry.

To be eligible for a PhosAgro/UNESCO/IUPAC research grant in green chemistry you must fullfill the following conditions

  • You must be a young scientist aged 39 years or younger by the time of your application.
  • Applicants must hold a PhD or equivalent in chemistry or an interdisciplinary allied area
  • You must have published at least 3 publications in recognized scientific journals
  • Candidates must have submitted no more than one project proposal for the call for applications for which he/she is submitting an application.

Applications for the grants must be submitted to the Chair of the International Scientific Jury of the PhosAgro/UNESCO/IUPAC Partnership in Green Chemistry for Life before the closing deadline. Applicantions must be completed either in English or in French and should be sent electronically to the Chair of the International Scientific Jury of the PhosAgro/UNESCO/IUPAC Partnership in Green Chemistry for Life. Along with the application, applicants must submit the supporting documents below

  • A synopsis of the proposed research project in green chemistry on no more than 6 pages (Please see details on programme website)
  • Your most recent curriculum vitae detailing your academic qualifications and positions held/other academic activities carried out as well as major fields of training and research experience
  • A copy of your PhD diploma or diploma of equivalent degree . This must include translation of the diploma into English or French if the original is neither in English nor in French
  • Letter of approval from the candidate’s home institute in which the applicant is a staff member and at which the proposed research project will be carried out
  • A letter of acceptance from the host institute. This applies in the case of any part of the project having to be carried out away from the home institute
  • Letters or a Letter of recommendation from an experienced scientist who knows the applicant’s work supporting the application and assessing the candidate’s scientific skills and ability

To apply, Click here

For more information, visit the official website here

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