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Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships for Candidates from Developing Countries

Deadline : February 20, 2024

Applications for the Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships for Candidates from Developing Countries at Ghent university in Belgium are now open. The program is made possible with support from the Special Research Fund (BOF). Each year, Ghent University grants several PhD scholarships to promising PhD students from eligible developing countries.

Who should apply? Candidates are students who wish to carry out half of their PhD research at Ghent University (North) in Belgium and the other half at a university in a developing country (South).

About Ghent: Ghent University belongs to the top 100 university and is one of the major universities in Belgium. With its 11 faculties and more than 200 courses, the university is driven by its in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains at its main campuses in Ghent, West Flanders and in South Korea.

About the Program: The Doctoral Scholarships at Ghent University is funded partially by the university for the part of the research that will be carried out in Ghent for a period of 24 months. Therefore, the candidate must have full-time co-funding for the other 24 months of research to be carried out in the South. (South Referring to their country of Origin)

Please note that scholarship intends to support students from the start of their PhD studies at Ghent University therefore candidates who already have secured a PhD scholarship to work on their PhD in Ghent may not apply for this scholarship program. As scholarship holder, you can choose to divide the Ghent University scholarship into several research periods within a span of 4 years


If selected for the scholarship, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Selected applicants will receive a PhD scholarship grant for a total of total 24 months at Ghent University
  • The Ghent University promoter (Host Supervisor) will receives a bench fee of € 310/per month of research in Ghent.
  • The scholarship also includes a € 8000 travel budget to cover the operational costs, including part of the travelling costs of the student and both the Ghent University and the local promoter.


You must fulfill the following requirements in order to apply for the scholarship

  • Eligible candidates are students who hold a nationality of a developing country and are residents of a developing country
  • The list of all developing eligible countries can be found here (Full list here)
  • Candidates must jointly submit proposals with a supervisor (promoter) at Ghent University and a supervisor at the partner university (South)
  • Selected students can carry out research in any field of their interest, however preference will be given to topics that are relevant for development
  • The program is only open to degree students who intend to obtain a joint PhD degree at Ghent University, therefore Exchange students may not apply for this scholarship
  • Female students and researchers are strongly encouraged to apply for this scholarship


Applicants must submit their application forms electronically via e-mail to the provided email address. ([email protected]) The applicants will have to submit the following documents

  • The fully completed application form
  • All records of study results and documents that prove the study results of the candidate, including a ranking and/or percentile score4 (preferably translated in English/French/German).
  • Legalized copy of your diplomas will be needed at the moment of admission/enrollment as a PhD student at Ghent University
  • A written statement from a lawful representative of the partner university/institution concerning the co-financing of the candidate’s PhD research at this university/institution

The Ghent University supervisor must submit the following 2 documents:

  • An advice on the candidate, stating the supervisors opinion on the capability of the candidate as a future researcher.
  • The advice on the ethical and biosafety context of the proposed research project

To apply, Click here

For more information, visit the official website here

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