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European commission Joint Research Centre Graduate Trainees Programme

Deadline : October 30, 2023

The Joint Research Centre of the European commission invites applications for its Graduate Trainees Programme. This call is aimed to recent graduates in different fields who posses the right qualifications to fill different positions as scientific trainees. JRC is the science and knowledge service of the European Commission. Its main aim is to support EU policies with independent evidence throughout the whole policy cycle. The JRC is located in Member States (Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands ).

JRC therefore is seeking to recruit scientific trainees to fill different positions in up to 18 thematic areas relevant for the organization. Applicants for these positions are gradates from both EU and non-EU countries. Here below is the list of fields with open positions for 2024.

  1. Digital Humanities. Exploitation of the paper legacy, oral history initiative, digital library, management of scientific publications.
  2. Science communication and scientific networking in a multi-disciplinary environment at the triangle of science-policy-society.
  3. Modelling.
  4. Knowledge management and visual communication, data visualization (including knowledge management for nuclear safety and decommissioning).
  5. Financial markets and corporate finance, Economics, Macro-Economic modelling, Composite Indicators and Scoreboards, Micro econometrics, Applied statistics.
  6. Digital transformation, Applications of text mining to large volumes of news, social media and related data and policy documents or scientific publications.
  7. Data science, data processing and analysis (including big data).
  8. Artificial Intelligence.
  9. Technology monitoring & assessment and value chain analysis; technology foresight.
  10. Health (incl. Chemical Risk Assessments, non-animal methods) & Food& Feed & Security and Agriculture; Nanomaterials. candidates specialized in nanomaterials.
  11. Nuclear decommissioning, Radioactive waste management, Radiation Protection.
  12. Ecosystem services and Natural Resources.
  13. Climate Change (Adaptation and Mitigation), Sustainable transport (including technologies), climate neutral cities, air pollution.
  14. Sustainability assessment and SDGs.
  15. Global security and Hybrid Threats.
  16. Energy (hydrogen, batteries, digitalization, interoperability, energy efficiency, renewables, industrial decarbonization, heating and cooling, innovation and competitiveness, energy security and markets, social aspects).
  17. Business and Resources Trainees: Harmonization, Simplification and Business Analytics sector, e-procurement, document digitalization.
  18. Wireless communication, Drones, Global navigation.

Traineeship can be conducted at one of the following JRC sites: Ispra (Italy), Geel (Belgium), Petten (the Netherlands), Karlsruhe (Germany). The next traineeship session will start on 1 March and will last for a period of 5 months.


Selected Trainees for the 2024 programme session will receive the following benefits.

  • Programme trainee will receive a monthly allowance worth 25% of the basic remuneration for an official at grade 5/1.
  • The amount of the basic allowance in 2024 is set in between € 1.263,74 and € 1.524,12.
  • There will be no tax or social security contributions will be withheld or paid by the European Commission with respect to the above stated allowances.


The programme welcomes applications from candidates:

  • Applications for these trainee positions are accepted from nationals of the Member States of the European Union (EU) or of the countries associated to the Research Framework Programmes.
  • There is a reserved number of positions dedicated to other nationals (Non-EU Counters)
  • Candidates must have completed a relevant Level of education equivalent to a bachelor’ degree
  • Candidates from Member States must be independent users of at least two Community languages with at least a B2 level. One of these should be a European Commission working languages (English, French or German).
  • Those from from non-Member States must be independent users of at least one of the European Commission working languages (English, French or German). The required level of the language is B2 according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment).
  • Applicants who have already benefited or benefit from any kind of traineeship (formal or informal, paid or unpaid) within a European institution or body for at least six weeks are discouraged from applying.
  • Candidates who have in the past or currently hold any kind of employment within a European institution or body, worked or works as an assistant to a Member of the European Parliament or hold ay other involvement in any EU institution or body may not apply


Applications for thee positions are submitted online using the commission online application portal. Candidates who qualify for more than one position should choose the field in which he/she is more specialized. When competing your application, you will be required to submit the following supporting documents

  • Copies of diplomas with the relevant Europass Diploma Supplement all university or post-university studies declared in your application
  • Incase the supplement is missing you must submit the relevant university transcripts, certificates and diplomas as stated in your application
  • Applicants whose degrees have ben completed but whose transcripts have not yet been issued should submit an official statement from the university confirming the degree result has to be provided.
  • For declared on-going studies an official declaration from the relevant university must be provided.
  • In case your university or post-graduate diplomas are not issued in one of the official EU languages, you will be required to provide a certified translation in any of the official languages of the EU.
  • You should also submit proofs of language proficiency as indicated in the language requirement above. These may be in form of certificates, diplomas or proof of having studied in the language in question

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