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CityU Entrance Scholarship Scheme at CityU in Hong Kong 2024

Deadline : January 16, 2024

Apply for the CityU Entrance Scholarship in Hong Kong. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, CityU has a well-earned reputation as an innovative hub for research and professional education and for addressing global issues and empowering positive change. Their curriculum encourages every student at CityU to learn, communicate and share new knowledge for the benefit of society.

The university gives students an opportunity to make an original discovery while studying at CityU and inspires a passion for knowledge and innovation.

CityU is proud to present the CityU Entrance Scholarship Scheme. This scholarship scheme is dedicated to international students with excellent academic performance. Applicants for this scheme must be admitted to full-time government-funded bachelor’s degree programmes.


The Scheme offers three kinds of scholarships

  • Top Scholarships of HK$180,500 (approximately US$23,500), covering annual tuition fees, on-campus accommodation and living expenses
  • Full Tuition Scholarships, covering annual tuition fees (approximately US$18,500)
  • Half Tuition Scholarships, covering half of the annual tuition fees (approximately US$9,250).


To apply, you must meet the following conditions

  • The scholarship is dedicated to admitted students to full-time government funded bachelors programme
  • Applicants do not have to apply for these scholarships since selection is done automatically for those students who qualify
  • Selection and award of the scholarship is solely based on merit.
  • Students who are selected for the scholarship are required to attain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.2 or above every year during the period study for renewing the scholarship


To be considered for this application , applicants are required to apply online for a Government-Funded Bachelor’s Degree Programs. Due to keen competition, early applications are strongly encouraged.

Applicants should present the original certificates/official certification of your qualifications as stated in your application (e.g. official transcripts, award certificates, English test results and official certified English translations where applicable) for verification before starting your studies.

To apply, Click here

For more information, visit the official website here

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