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Australian Government Research Training Program at Griffith University

Deadline : Various

Apply now for the Australian government Research Training Program (RTP) at the Griffith University Australia. The scholarship is funded by the Australian Government and is awarded to both Domestics and International applicants. Griffith University therefore calls for applications from eligible applicants for the 2023 academic year.

The scholarships are dedicated to applicants who demonstrate exceptional research potential and are interested in enrolling or already enrolled in a Higher Degree research programme at Griffith University.

There are 4 intakes for the 2024 Academic year.

  • Intake 1: 26 February 2024
  • Intake 2: 22 April 2024
  • Intake 3: 8 July 2024
  • Intake 4: 14 October 2024

Applicants can apply any time but are advised to apply at least 4 months before their proffered intake.

These scholarships are awarded based on merit, therefore applicants with excellent academic records as well as those who exhibit research potential will have a higher chance of being selected. The scholarship is offered for two years, for a Research Masters programme and up to three years for a doctoral programme


Selected applicants for the RTP Scholarship programme at Griffith University will receive the following benefits.

  • The scholarships offers an annual stipend worth $33,480 (This was the rate for the 2023 academic year).
  • International scholars will be eligible for a travel allowance worth a maximum of $1,485 to help cater for them and their family’s air fare.
  • The travel allowance is distributed as follows: $515 for every eligible adult and $255 for each eligible child.
  • You will be eligible for a 20 days paid leave and a 10 days paid sick leave per year.
  • Other leave entitlements such as paid partner leave and paid parental leave are also provided.


To apply for the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) at Griffith University, you must meet the following conditions.

  • The scholarships are open for both Domestic and international applicants
  • Scholarships are open for a Research master’s programme with duration for two (2) years or a Doctoral programme with a duration for up to three (3) years.
  • Eligible applicants must be planning to enroll or are currently enrolled in a Higher Degree programme at Griffith university, supported by the programme. (See eligible programmes from the university website).
  • Applicants must have an excellent academic record and demonstrate exceptional research potential.
  • As an applicants, you must not receive any other income to support your living expenses that is greater than 75% of the total scholarship stipend.


Applications are submitted online using one of the two application portals namely: New applicants or Current applicants.

New applicants must apply for an eligible programme of their choice before they can apply for the scholarship. The application process follows the following steps.

  • Choose your preferred research programme (This should either be a doctoral programme or a Research master’s programme)
  • Choose your research topic
  • Find a potential research supervisor
  • Gather all your documents
  • Apply for the programme
  • Id admitted, apply for the scholarship

Current applicants can apply for the scholarship right away. Current applicates must prepare the following documents to complete their application

  • A fully completed candidate scholarship application form
  • Prepare a referee report from your current supervisor
  • You must also include a covering letter
  • Prepare an updated research outline and completion plan
  • You must prepare copies of any publications/evidence of research output
  • Don’t forget recent CV

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For more information, visit the official website here

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