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Ambassadors of Europe on Track Program 2020

Deadline : November 14, 2019

Europe on Track is a youth-led project where a handful of ambassadors in teams travel across Europe for one whole month, by train, capturing young people‘s vision about their future perspectives.

The Ambassadors of Europe on Track stay for around 2-3 days in each city to deliver workshops at universities and high schools, meet local people, interview them and find out their concerns and ideas regarding the topic discussed. Each team has a different route which include cities where you can find AEGEE local groups, for example Budapest, Athens, Istanbul, Moskva or Prague. There are 3 people in each team – a journalist, a photographer and a videomaker, each of them has a specific role during the trip. They share their experiences through articles, photo albums, videos and everyday updates in social media channels.

Have you ever wished to just drop everything and jump on a train? Are you passionate about society and eager to explore other countries to find out what people actually think?  Are you an enthusiastic and proactive person willing to go on a one-month adventure across Europe? Then this is a perfect opportunity for you!


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  • You will get an Interrail ticket from us, and at each stop the AEGEE locals will provide food and accommodation.
  • Your trip from home to the starting point of the routes and back from the final stop to your location will be covered under certain conditions.
  • Health insurance will NOT be provided by the project team, but it is mandatory to have an international health insurance for the period 1st March – 19th April 2019.
  • Visa fees will NOT be provided, but we will provide the ambassadors with invitation letters and try to lower the costs.
  • Pocket money (for personal expenses) is not included. Our experience from previous Europe on Track editions indicates that about 200€ pocket money will enable travelling ambassadors to realize the project in a fun and effective manner, although it may be less depending on your personal spending habits.


You are eligible if you,

  • are between 18-30 years old, as of March 22nd 2020
  • are active in a (international) student organization or non-profit organization
  • feel strong ties to Europe
  • like to talk and work with people of different ages and cultures
  • have consistent backpacking and traveling experience
  • have an international mindset
  • are responsible and reliable
  • have a can-do and up-for-anything attitude
  • are resistant to stress and physical fatigue
  • like to take initiative
  • have experience developing and delivering workshops or presentations in English
  • are good at problem solving and thinking outside the box
  • are interested and knowledgeable about Social Inclusion, Gender Equality or Mental Health


  •  You will travel to 10 cities in one month with Interrail passes provided by AEGEE and Europe on Track;
  • You will sleep in trains and be hosted at other people’s houses in every stop;
  • You will facilitate and moderate workshops and discussions at the different stops (including conferences) ;
  • You will assist the project team with the planning of logistics and you will develop the content for the workshops and discussions;
  • You will be a spokesperson for Europe on Track in the media.

Application Form which consists of the following parts:
– Personal Data
– Roles
– Europe on Track 7: “All routes lead to inclusion?” Motivation + experience on the topic of “Mental health and Gender equality”
– Travel Experience
– Skills

To apply,  Click here

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For more information, visit Europe on Track

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